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Simonetti General Contractors Inc. is a family owned business that was started over 50 years ago.
Anthony Simonetti started the company predominantly as a contracting business when in 1955 he purchased his first rental property at 935 Park Ave. As years went on properties were added to his portfolio and in 1976 his three sons: Dan, Tony and Dave joined the company and established A.D. Simonetti Properties LLC.
Today A.D. Simonetti Properties LLC is responsible for the leasing as well as the property management of the residential as well as the commercial sites. New spaces are designed and built-out for tenants as we offer them our full services so their move will be completed on time. Our strong sense of pride, professionalism and dedication makes our achievements unparalleled in today's competitive market.
For more information call:
Daniel D. Simonetti, (585) 370-2465,
David Simonetti, (585) 370-2466,
Anthony Simonetti, Jr., (585) 370-2468,
Anthony J. Simonetti, (585) 370-2467,
Sue Simonetti, ( 585) 586-2918,
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